​Evaluation of Indian EE soap with prof. Dr. Singhal and dr. Wang

13 May 2019
From 9 to 11 May, Prof. dr. Dr. Arvind Singhal and Dr. Hua Wang visited the Center for Media & Health to discuss the progress of our collaborative research about the Indian Entertainment-Education series Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon. [...]

'Mapping the Dutch Vaccination Debate' published in Vaccine: X

16 April 2019
Vaccination rates in the Netherlands have slightly decreased in recent years. This decrease is often associated with all sorts of myths about vaccination that are circulating online. For the 'vaccination willingness committee', which was commissioned by the RIVM to investigate the social background of the decreased vaccination rate, the Media & Health Center has studied the Dutch [...]

Health communication in the digital age for Dutch health foundations

07 April 2019
​On 4 March, the Media & Health Center provided a presentation for staff members of the Dutch health foundations about health communication in the new media landscape. Martine Bouman and Roel Lutkenhaus illustrated important changes in the media landscape and shared insights from their research about online conversations on organ donation and vaccination. [...]

CMH in Studio Erasmus

06 February 2019
​On Tuesday the 29th of January, Prof. Dr. Martine Bouman and Roel Lutkenhaus were interviewed in Studio Erasmus - a monthly talks how about science, organized by the Erasmus University. Because of the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, the talk show was dedicated to film. [...]

‘Tailoring in the Digital Age’ published in Digital Health

30 January 2019
Studies show that ‘tailoring’ – matching content to the knowledge and perceptions of the target audiences – can contributes to behavioral change. However, we live in a time where we are overwhelmed with content and the algorithms of platforms like Facebook and Twitter largely determine who sees which content. How can health communicators adapt? The Center for Media & [...]