CMH to spark the Dutch DNA-Debate

21 June 2019
With the arrival of new genetic modification technologies - such as CRISPR/CAS9 for germline modification - the 'repair' of genetic diseases is rapidly approaching. But what do we actually think about that as a society? The Erfo Center has taken initiative to start a 'societal dialogue' on germline modification that is supposed to involve a wide range of target groups and organizations. The expectation is that, in this way, all citizens will get a chance to make up their minds on whether they think there should be limits to gene technology. 
Media strategist and PhD-candidate Roel Lutkenhaus conducts innovative research in order to identify potential collaboration partners such as online platforms, bloggers or social influencers. Ultimately, these partners will spark online discussions about genetic technology, and Roel will monitor the course these conversations will take.

The dialogue will formally start in October 2019 and can be followed on any platform using the hashtag #DNADialoog (meaning 'DNA Dialogue').
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