Who we are

We are Change Agents: We act at the forefront of social change communication research, initiate pilot projects, develop and test new communication methods. We take pride in keeping the balance between science and practice in our work. We are members of various forums and scientific committees and influence the societal agenda through our expertise and knowledge.

We are Researchers: We guide projects through formative, process, and summative (effect) research. We conduct innovative, high-quality research, both qualitative and, quantitative throughout all project stages.

We are Media Producers: We work with a vast network of top entertainment media professionals, scriptwriters, producers, web designers and Social Media specialists - for the creation of custom media projects for social change.

We are Change Designers and Consultants: We design and implement tailor made communication for social change projects for external organizations and companies. We advise them on new communication methods, innovative media use and on the ins and outs of collaboration processes between media professionals and content specialists. All of our consulting advice is science-based.

We are Capacity Builders: We train communication and media professionals, design teaching modules in Entertainment-Education for Social Change and are guest lecturers at various universities. We collaborate with Fulbright and other scholarship recipients from abroad as well as train interns and Master and Doctoral students. Over the years, we have staged many expert meetings, seminars and workshops on social change communication.