SBCC Summit in Bali featuring Entertainment Education

08 May 2018
From April 16-20, the international conference on Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) featuring Entertainment-Education took place in Nusa Dua, Bali. More than 1200 active and enthusiastic participants from 90 countries presented and discussed their latest projects and research.
  • The vibe is so different from the health/science meetings I normally attend!” (Catherine Karekezi)
  • “We must recognise the wider role of media in shaping and reinforcing the behaviours and norms which are the focus of our attentions, and in providing platforms for citizen engagement”. (Nicola Harford).
  • ‘We are committed to listening and learning – not only informing and messaging. Simplistic one-way messaging has failed. Horizontal communication, discussion and dialogue are central to social change”. (José Luis Aguirre Alvis). 
Martine Bouman and Roel Lutkenhaus of the Center for Media & Health and Erasmus University, presented their research results and experiences on the use of unique markers in popular television series, the Positive Deviance strategy for mental resilience among lower vocational training students in Rotterdam, and the analyses of online networks and the use of narratives around the issue of vaccine hesistancy. There was a lot of international interest in applying these different research strategies, such as on the issues of responsible fatherhood in Egypt, online conversations on sexual exploitation in Thailand, and analyses of polio vaccination in Pakistan.

The conference with interactive panel sessions and workshops resulted in a declaration. During the conference, Entertainment Education (EE) pioneer Miguel Sabido, a Mexican theater and film maker, received a life time achievement award for his enormous contribution to the EE field.
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