Martine Bouman shares her vision in the book “Boundless – Anthropology in Leiden”

15 January 2014
The Institute for Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology  (CA-OS) at the University of Leiden has published the book “Grenzeloos- Antropologie in Leiden” (“Boundless – Anthropology in Leiden”).

In this book Martine Bouman (Member of the Advisory Council of the CA-OS) shares her vision on the future of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. Martine Bouman: “There is a need to create bridges between various disciplines. It would be great if anthropologists would enter the world of (new) media (broadcasting organizations, producers, game designers, and interactive media designers). Thinking in images and metaphors is closely linked to anthropology. They can creatively contribute to the design of content with an added value.”
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