Keynote: Gross National Health and the empty canvas of the artist

12 February 2015
Martine Bouman gave the keynote speech at the Friends Lottery gala (Vriendenloterij) on February 11, 2015. 
She inspired more than 400 representatives of health organizations to invest more time and energy in reaching vulnerable groups in society. In her speech, “Gross National Health and the Empty Canvas of the Artist,” Bouman stated, To reach these groups effectively it is important to experiment with new communication methods and media strategies. I believe in the power of storytelling and addressing health issues through popular media formats.

Bouman gave various examples of successful collaborations between health organizations and entertainment media by presenting audio and video fragments of the popular hospital series Medical Center West (Medisch Centrum West) and Grey’s Anatomy, the television program Netherlands on the Move (Nederland in Beweging) and the online webseries SOUND. For an effective collaboration between health (care) and entertainment media professionals is it necessary to overcome cold feet on both sides says Bouman. To co-create a successful project, it is important to go back to one’s own inspirational source and ask oneself: “What is my passion and where does my work originate from? “This process is comparable with an artist who stands in front of his or her canvas before making the first brushstroke. This passion will ultimately contribute to gross national health!”

To view the online video clip of the keynote speech by Martine Bouman (in Dutch), click here:

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